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The Armchair Detective: Series One
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Did you know… Susan Calman has a law degree? Facebook 0 0 Likes. Good news for Downton fans this Christmas! Click to follow Yours.

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The was a piece of paper inside with quotes of queen songs written. Tony says that he went to talk to David the day before the murder to keep the patent active as money is tight following major renovations on his house his wife June wanted and money from the patent is much needed.

He says his wife spends his money a lot. He says that he doesn't know who will inherit the patent next. He tells them that he was at home the night of the murder while his wife was at bridge club. He tells the officers that they usually had meetings at the workshop late at night and that he constructs engine parts.

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He says he wanted to see David to buy the patent off him and that he and David were rivals. He said that he would be surprised if he didn't pass on the patent to his son Graham. He says that he was at home all night and that his son was at a friend's house.

The three pieces of evidence available to choose from in this round are: The choice in bold was chosen by the detectives. David has full ownership of the patent. A week before the murder, David is hosting a celebration in the workshop. Heather has a go at David that the place is a tip and that a window should be opened which doesn't work and June agrees.

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David announces that he is retiring and he is going to let the patent drop. The forensic report states that there were fingerprints on the middle of the pipe and silk fibres found at the ends of the pipe. The fingerprints belong to Heather. DS Slater admires Graham's motorbike. DI Knight points out the hanged photos of Queen on the wall. They ask for his diver's licence which is Category A only as his father said cars would soon become obsolete. A tough start in life led directly to a career in the arts for David Morrell.

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Lawrence Block considers the series character in an entertaining essay in this issue. Should a series hero age in real time or remain frozen in amber? Jim French Productions has completed a landmark achievement with the radio dramatizations of the entire Sherlock Holmes canon—four novels and 56 short stories—now available in a handsome three-volume, CD set.

Do you know a good little sleuth who deserves a wonderful surprise? Take advantage of his legwork! Toggle Navigation.

The Armchair Detective On Holiday by Ian Shimwell

At the Scene, Holiday Issue Hi Everyone, Hi everyone, In sad news for the mystery community, author and editor Ed Gorman passed away on October 14, All of our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and the happiest new year. Kate Stine Editor-in-chief. Current Issue.

Armchair Detectives Season 1 Episode 3 (November 22, 2017)