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Let me know how your batch turns out. Hey Bill.

America’s Best Undiscovered Jerky

Glad it turned out tasty. I wish I had more information on fish. I was trying to smoke some jerky out of Salmon I caught in Alaska last year, but never got a chance. I do want to get into making fish jerky. When I was in Alaska on that fishing trip I bought a lot of salmon jerky and tried to get as much information as possible. My understanding is that most of the salmon jerky I bought was marinaded in a brine then smoked; or sat in a brine overnight and was brushed with a glaze before smoking. All were very salty, but tasted great!

I am not sure if fish needs to be heated to F. Hopefully here in the near future I will get into making fish jerky, do my homework, and have a plethora of information for you guys! Great site!

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Thanks for the info Daisy. I LOVE ceviche! Hopefully soon I will be able to get some good fish recipes on the site! What part are you in? Must have been good because all my friends and family jumped on it like Ducks on a June Bug.

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I welcome any input you might have. Great Smoke and set and forget. Best Regards,. Hey Keith, thanks for stopping by! I recently moved to Broomfield and have been loving it. A lot cooler than Austin, TX! You are right, smoked jerky is just great. The real smoke flavor really ads to the jerky!

I would say browse the site and find recipes that have little liquid ingredients. I really love the Dos Pepper Jerky. I have yet to make it with ground meat, but it should work great as it has no liquid if you omit the water, which is there just to help marinade whole muscle jerky strips. Keep in mind that when taking a recipe that was written for whole muscle jerky that you plan on making ground jerky with, you normally have to add a little extra of each spice to achieve the same final jerky flavor. Let me know which one you end up trying and how it turns out!

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Thanks, Keith. Well, like all great Scientistific experiments, ha ha , the Jerky was not a total success. It is ok and will all be eaten, but I put way too much ground Pepper on the strips and ended up brushing it off after drying, at least all I could. Anyway, on to the next batch. Like an old Dog, I need something easier to chew.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

But I do love my Jerky. Love your site, keep up the good work. Slicing across the grain and tenderizing with a meat mallet before marinating also helps make the jerky a little less chewy. These dates are not an exact date where the meat will go bad. I am concerned however about it sitting out for 2.

The meat should never sit out like that. Just make another batch and make sure you are healthy!

Food Storage To Last Several Months

Hey Dan. I try not to use too much oil in my recipes.

It seems like most of the oil I use is when I am making some sort of Asian recipe. I used a very little amount of sesame oil in my Teriyaki II recipe. I also used some vegetable oil in my Vietnamese Jerky recipe. I like the content of your website but hate all those ads! One more thing, I tried printing two of your recipe on ground beef and all I got was a blank page.

I have not had any problems else where. Hey Mike, thanks for stopping by. I will check it out when I get home though and let you know. Hope you are enjoying the site otherwise! I am very pleased that while checking the internet, I came across jerkyholics. After I made 3 batches using my original recipe, I started trying some of your recipes. When I share the jerky with a good friend, his, and mine , new favorite is the latest one that I made!

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Great to hear George! Glad you are liking and enjoying the site. I love hearing about people mixing and matching and trying new recipes. There is nothing better than finding a new favorite recipe! Just found your site and purchased a nesco dehydrator through it this morning. Thanks for the reviews. The flavor is spot on but I hate having to constantly wipe my hands. This is why I decided to get the dehydrator cause I want to take more moisture out of the meat. Would you recommend 90 minutes or so and then the dehydrator to finish it off?

Hey Matt! I also hate sticky and wet jerky, so I feel your pain on that one. You have have it spot on though, smoke then dehydrate. Dehydrating should help prevent that sticky feel on the outside. Also, make sure you are using a real lean meat with almost no fat because a fatty meat will also make it very wet to the touch no matter whether you smoke or dehydrate.

How To Make Beef Jerky - Step By Step

I would use the smoker just long enough to give it the amount of smoke flavor that you like minutes usually does it , then move it to the dehydrator and finish it off on the F setting. Let me know how it turns out!