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Most businesses were closed and few people had to work on Sundays. Surely there were exceptions, such as medical personnel, emergency workers, and those who ran essential services like power plants. Dinner was at four or five in the afternoon; often our grandparents would join us or we went to their house. It was the end of an era. To heck with family, we were off the shopping mall! It is a loss. To be fair, most of us who are well off can still observe the Sabbath Sunday rest if we choose.

However, the poor and younger people just entering the workforce usually have little choice as to whether or not they work on Sundays. And we who are well off ought not forget that as we tramp out to the malls and restaurants on Sundays. Last week I was reading from a book written by then Cardinal Ratzinger, who reflected on the justice of the Sabbath rest.

A Multiethnic View of the Practice of Sabbath

Prior to presenting an excerpt from the book, I remind you of the text of the Second Commandment:. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns Ex The Sabbath is not simply remembrance of what has passed, but an active exercise of freedom. Almost no one I know links the Sabbath rest to justice.

But as Cardinal Ratzinger wrote, the Sabbath rest both bound and blessed everyone. Here, then, is something to consider as we plan our Sundays. But consider that the loss of the Sabbath rest happened not that long ago. And while the modern age perhaps requires more essential workers to be in place every day of the week than in the past, the honest truth is that most people who have to work on Sundays are required to do so for the mere convenience of others.

If perchance you do go to a restaurant on a Sunday, why not consider leaving a much higher tip for the waitstaff?

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And if you absolutely must go to the store on Sunday, consider the need for greater esteem and charity for the poor and the young who are compelled to work for your convenience. I hear you. But think about it; think about it a lot.

There was a time not so long ago when we really thought that everyone deserved a day of rest together. Coincidentally, I just read a piece in the Wall St. Recently my wife and I have made a concerted effort to honor the Sabbath.


We are already experiencing the benefits on many levels. I had to smile at your comment Monsignor regarding your family ritual as ours was very similar right down to the same television shows. Champagne bubbles… I for one am spending Sunday afternoon sewing some extra material to my swimsuit. I took your advice, Monsignor, and for the past two weeks have been going to vespers, on Sunday, at the cathedral, at the undisclosed location where I live. So, far it has been a positive experience for me and has helped me also to keep my Sunday evenings in a Sunday perspective.

I can assure you that it is the best day of the week. Seth, I ask this question with the utmost sincerity to help me understand the reasoning or justification for the Shabes goy. For those who do not know…. No one human or animal is to work.

Why the Sabbath is Essential for Multiethnic Ministry [Free Sabbath Guide] | MULTIETHNIC MINISTRIES

Seven Jewish children died in a house fire in Brooklyn a few days ago. The cause was a unattended hot plate that was keeping the food for the Sabbath warm all during the night. Such a tragedy could have been prevented with a bit less rigidity in Sabbath prohibitions. I am willing to critique Jewish legalism when it comes to the Sabbath, but lets not use a tragedy like this to blame Jewish faith and say they lack common sense.

This is too strong. Sometimes things just happen.

Sabbath in community

Correlation is not causation. The problem was inadvertence not the Sabbath. I am not blaming Jewish faith or saying Jewish people lack common sense. The issue of common sense safety measures vs.

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That was something of which I am sad to be accused. Jews have never seen Jewish law as legally binding on non-Jews. Perhaps this was just an accommodation to our reality as a small powerless minority. At any rate, since non-Jews ARE permitted to work on the Sabbath since the Law is only binding on Jews , one can arrange for a non-Jew to work on the Sabbath, provided such arrangements are made prior to the onset of the day.

Even in that case, it is only permissible if the non-Jew decides on his own to work that day. Thus, my housekeeper knows that my kitchen will be a mess this friday night 25 people over for the Seder!

Practicing the Sabbath with Community

I pay her weekly to keep the house clean in general, she decides on her own what needs to be done when, and therefor she will almost certainly come over Fri eve rather than let the mess sit until Monday. I know that seems like a legalism, but like i said, the OCD thing seems to be working for us so far. My work requires hour weeks for months at a time, and it is a temptation to work some on Sundays. This would mean a 7 day work week. I have found that unless I take the time off for Sunday, I am unable to maintain strength to continue on at a meaningful level.

Could God have known that we need the rest? Could he have been that smart? I think so! I stop work on the Sabbath, and refrain from shopping, etc. Another casualty of our secular society. I remember not to long ago empty parking lots at the stores. I was able to use the lots for drivers ed training for my kids. In our daily lives, when we bring each other meals, when we make space in our lives for co-workers, fellow students, and our spouses, roommates or other neighbours, we practise Sabbath.

When we grow a vegetable garden or a good crop in the field, when we feed the birds in winter, we practice Sabbath. When we look in awe at the starry night sky, and when we take a walk in the woods and celebrate what we have not made, we practise Sabbath. Home International Blog Contact. What Sabbath can Teach us about Caring for Creation.

What does this have to do with Sabbath? Here are some Sabbath practices that help us pay attention to delight: When we pull out invasive plants, when we clean up litter on the path, when we ride our bike to work, we practice Sabbath. What are some other ways you can practice Sabbath? Let us know on social media by using the hashtag arochacanada. Related Posts. The first part of each day begins in restful darkness, preparing for the gift of light and activity. As Eugene Peterson notes, "I go to sleep to get out of the way for awhile.

The Jewish Shabbat observance, which begins on Friday evening, honors this biblical view of time. How might "beginning" the day in the Genesis way change your attitude as you start and end your day? Invite an observant Jew to explain how his or her family keeps Sabbath and what this practice means to them.

Adapt Jewish Shabbat prayers to welcome the Sabbath on Saturday evening. Jews bless the ending of Shabbat by giving children something sweet so the taste of Sabbath peace will linger on the tongue. Offer this kind of blessing to someone on Sunday evening. What's good to say "yes" to on the Sabbath? Freedom that contributes to the freedom of others and to the well-being of the natural world.

Something different from what you do regularly all other days. What's good to say "no" to on the Sabbath?

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