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Now that the kids are adults our game choices have, of course, matured.

Finders Seekers — Welcome to Mexico City

We have also enjoyed doing Escape Rooms together. This is almost like an escape room in your own home. Each month a box arrives in the mail with a letter from the Chief Seer of the Society of Seekers. The letter outlines which city you will be seeking in, the game pieces that are included in the box, the website that you will be playing at, and an invitation to the Finders Seekers Facebook Users Group-which is helpful if you need a hint to move forward in the game. Yes, the game is played online with clues and props that come int the box. We used my iPad and I left the game open in a tab in my browser so that anyone who had time to work on it could just grab the iPad.

On a recent Monday night, all 3 of us were home so we set aside a few hours to complete this quest. Over the next 2 weeks we would work on it separately or together depending on our schedules. Aaron was in town for a few nights and he helped us too. Puzzle 10, the final puzzle was crazy hard, but so much fun!

A limited number of boxes are sold each month so to ensure you receive yours there are different packages available.

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In all it took us about 6 hours total to solve the 10 puzzles in the Las Vegas box. I loved that there were different kinds of puzzles because I am good at word puzzles and patterns, Jordan is good a details and ciphers, and Ron is good at looking things in different ways. It definitely took all 3 of our brains and a little help from the Facebook Users Group to solve the Finders Seekers Box.

If Finders Seekers sounds like something you would like to try for yourself or give as a gift, visit their website and look around. We highly recommend this game for fun with family or friends. Your email address will not be published. Content varies, but each month there are abundant cryptic clues and puzzles to get your heart racing and brain ticking. You can also earn prizes!

I found out that you can try it out. I like that. I am sure that I would love it we all love a good scavenger hunt! A fun adventure game done in the comfort of your own home together with family or friends. Entered to win on their website too! I like that you can start and stop a subscription or you can cancel at any time. This really sounds like it would be a fun thing to do as a family every month.

I learned there are puzzles to so,be and that it usually takes hours to complete the mission, and, you can win real prizes.

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I learned that you can cancel any time during the Subscription! And that it sounds like this is a really fun thing to do with your family!

Finders Seekers Coupons

Do I actually have to leave the house? No, silly. Everything you will need is included in the box along with your trusty keyboard and Google machine. I learned that it is a mystery box each month.

Glass Floats

Loads of fun! You can prepay and get a discount.

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I learned that once you finished the mystery you can enter a contest to win a prize but there is away to enter it without purchase. I learned that they have 4 different subscriptions, a month to month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 yr. Entry -Form. Please read our Giveaway Rules page. This post contains affiliate links. I learned that you can win a prize.

The mysteries take generally an hour or two each month! What a fun date night adventure! I learned that I could have a box sent to me on a monthly bases. I learned that they only sale a limited number of boxes each month. These get delivered straight to your door every month and you can cancel whenever! Pretty neat! What an awesome activity! Didnt know there were different payment options!

I love that there are real prizes and everything can be done from home!! I learned that you can skip a month from getting the box if you choose. I like that you can win real prizes and the boxes are delivered each month. Only a limited number of boxes are sold each month and you can win prizes.

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I learned you can prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time or else subscribe month to month. I like that you are entered to win something when you complete the mission. This looks so fun! I learned that 3 people came together to invent this fun subscription box. They have different ways to pay for them. Also can cancel at anytime too.